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The ZB- VP1 mask is a protective mask designed to help in reducing the risk of airborne illnesses by way of bacteria and viruses. 
The Mask is made of two layers of  breathable 100% Cotton, with openings on the underside of the mask, where the wearer can insert an N95 insulating membrane that is specified to filter out viruses and most particles.
The mask is fitted to the face with a 2 inch adjustable elastic and velcro closure that allows the wearer to adjust the fitment to the desired looseness or tightness as needed for performance and comfort. A small metal band at the upper portion that can be molded to the wearers nose for better fitment.

The outer portion of the mask is not disposable but cleanable by way of washing and can be used by people with low functioning immune system, by those who needed added protection when travelling in public places like trains, airports, taxis etc.
The mask is designed to cover the lower portion of the face from the nose bridge just below the eyes all the way yo the ears and where the chin meets the neck.
Indeed it is a stylish iece but also one that performs. while we cannot guarantee that it will 100% prevent the spread of viruses. we are confident that the design and performance does significantly reduce the risk.

* The mask comes in two sizes. Small and Large.