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After three years of making the original type 1 prototype of the Militia cape that never made it to production, For FW19 we now present to you type II. The original was a part of our SS17 collection, shown in NY during our last runway show for NY fashion week. The prototype has been with us since then, and we finally decided to update the product and make it available to our customers who kept requesting it.

Type II was developed as a "street legal" fully functional version of the original concept by expanding on the idea. Type one had no pockets and the hood was made permanently attached to the body of the cape, and without a collar.

The item was completely redesigned now has two functional chest pockets and a completely detachable hood that snaps to a high collar and an insulated lining for warmth. The pockets can be used to carry keys, a cell phone, wallet, credit cards or whatever the wearer deems necessary.
This version of the cape is made in waxed cotton with heavy industrial zippers both as pocket closures and to open and close the garment.