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the High Neck  Vest Bag was originally a part of our FW13 collection as a conceptual item. when the item was originally produced, one of our prominent retail partners - John Bull Private Labo, requested the production of the vest portion of  the bag without the backpack. Six years later, we redesigned the concept around our Arc vest and the original military idea of the item.
the Backpack can be completely separated from the vest and both items can be used individually. Zipping the backpack to the vest allows for greater weight distribution if heavier items are carried in the backpack. the vest has a "molly" configuration on the left chest, where attached bags can be carried as needed. (please note the pouch at front is sold separately).
the body of the vest is made in a medium weight fabric that is 97% Cotton and 3% elastine. the backpack is 100% Cowhide with a cotton lining inside
There are two front zipper pockets that closes with riri M6 Zipper and a full insulated lining for warmth. small run as only four of these are available. one in each size from 46 to 52